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Celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month w/ Bae-Bee & Bo-Bo Stickers

As our contribution to spreading love and everything above to the LGBTQ community, we are have designed adorable Bae-Bee and Bo-Bo pride-themed stickers. We will be adding these to our permanent collection of sticker designs.

We want to be able to relate to as much of our audiences as possible, and that means creating sticker designs that our friends can use to represent who they are or what they support.

We have already debuted these stickers on our social media accounts and recent local pop-up events we've done around Seattle, and we are AMAZINGLY glad that they've been getting so many excellent responses.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us with the purchase of these two designs! We hope everyone continues to spread happiness and love. <3

Pride Bae-Bee and Bo-Bo vinyl stickers could be purchased here.

- Johnson Do (Creator of JDoArts)

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