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Our Webcomic About Mental Health/ Illness by JDoArts & Illustrations

Updated: May 7, 2021

A webcomic about mental health
A webcomic about mental health

Title: Happiness is Just a Bae-Bee Away!

Our original webcomic is finally out and we can't express how happy we are about this! This is a project that we've been thinking about working on for many years now but we'd get ourselves out of it every time because we knew for sure that it was going to be a big commitment.

Eventually, we got to a point where we really need to just face our fears and just launch the comic. Whether or not we can keep it up consistently does not matter anymore because we'll end up doing something will love, regardless.

Our comic stars our original characters, Bae-Bee, Bo-Bo, and other upcoming characters. They're all very lovable characters with different personalities that make the story hilarious at times. They each bring something different to the table and you'll just have to read it to see!

The goal for our webcomic series is to create a series of short comics that tackles mental health topics while making these tough topics more approachable. I want to make people feel less alone in whatever they're going through and that it's something that's so human that they shouldn't ever feel like they need to keep it a secret.

A struggle we have so far is making sensitive topics into digestible comics, making it cute, still being able to get the point across without sounding insensitive. It's hard to not just ramble and get super emotional while writing the scripts because it's something we are so passionate about.

The other challenge we have is that we are using all the resources we have to produce the comics since we are just a one-person team, so far. That means we don't have an editor, another artist, marketer, etc. So while we're making these comics, we are taking away time that could be spent on creating new merch or reaching out to new customers.

We do see a big worth in creating these though not just being able to make these topics more accessible but also it helps people understand more of what our mission is and what our original characters are like.

The comic is out now with over 10 chapters to read on our website, webtoons and Patreon! We've put a lot of heart and resources into them and we can't wait to hear from yall. Tell us what you guys think about it by emailing us! : )

You can support the comic by joining our Patreon, buying our Merch or just sharing the comic pages! <3

Thanks so much for reading! We hope to see yall again soon!

Johnson Do

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