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Puppy-Bee He is a fictional Bee character that loves to eat a bunch of snacks.​His mission is to spread happiness wherever he goes.

Purple Puppy He is a fictional Purple Puppy that loves going on wild adventures.​He loves to go wherever Bae-Bee goes. He is Bae-Bee's best friend.

Polulu is an adorable scarf loving character. He gets moody often but he always makes sure to tell you when he does and that it will always be alright.

Our Team

Johnson Do


Johnson Do is the creator of JDoArts & Illustrations which produces adorable merch that features their original characters Bae-Be and Bo-Bo. He is based in Seattle and does JDoArts full time but also does freelance work here and there. His goal in life is to spread happiness everywhere he goes with his art as well as educating people about mental illness.



JDoArts & Illustrations


We are an original brand focused on making quality merchandise of our unique, cute and cool designs.


Our MAIN releases as of right now are merchandises of our ORIGINAL character Bae-Bee . He's a lovable, kawaii Bee-Puppy.


We strive every day to release only quality merchandise.


In the long run, we'd like to produce digital contents and merchandise focusing on bettering the lives of every individual with mental health as we believe that everybody deserves to be their best selves, that conversations of the topic should be made less of a taboo and that we have the abilities to make a difference.

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