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JDoArts in 2022 (Grab a cup of tea!)

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Happy New Year everyone!

2022 has come and there is a lot to talk about!

By late 2021, we have downscaled a lot of our operation and that includes unlisting 90%+ of our products and only having 'print on the demand' items, stopped releasing monthly Patreon sticker club kits, and participating in local art events. This is all because of a combination of the world pandemic not allowing us to do what we usually do AND very personal reasons that we can not go into at this time, definitely in the future though! What personal things we could tell you though is that we aren't in Seattle and have made the move to another U.S state temporarily.

Although we don't know when we'll be back, we just don't have the capacity to continue shipping our products out ourselves and because of us not being able to attend art shows/conventions where we make most of our revenue, we can not afford to hire someone to fulfill the shipments for us.

Besides those things mentioned, we hope to bring more Bae-Bee & friends content for sure! Either from social media posts or new merch that you can get through our site EXCLUSIVELY. And again, our products will be fulfilled by warehouses that print things for us.

We'll also be trying to take a new approach to JDoArts & Illustration as well this year. After the many years that we have built up our brand, we've always hit a wall of burnt-out. We've tried creating and releasing new content on social media consistently, we tried slowing down and making only meaningful content, we've tried pushing out a bunch of new products almost every two weeks, etc. We've done A LOT! Although it was all fun going through all that, we can never forget the burnt-out.

Burnt-out is part of the experience when you are creating your own brand. You'd be lucky if you don't ever experience it. But if you never, I'd question if you are even human at all. Ha! In all seriousness, we want to spend this year taking it easy while finding more ways to love doing things for Bae-Bee & friends. Although we need to always think about how we're going to generate more revenue, we always have to remember to prioritize why we love what we're doing. That should always be the number one thing for sure! Anyways, going to take it easier, staying safe during the pandemic, etc. Thanks to everyone who has stuck around still. We love everyone of you! And we'll see you on our social medias! Feel free to reach out to us at anytime! Even to just talk! <3 ALSO, read our Webtoon comic that we just finished! <3


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