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YEAR OF THE TIGER DESIGN!! 2022 Tết - The Making of

New year means NEW shirt design for the Lunar New Year! This is the second year that we've done this and we'd be happy to continue doing it as long as people are interested in it!

This year we decided to do something different and let people decide which design they loved the most and the VOTES ARE IN!

We'll go into detail about each of the design concepts we had and what was the runner-up design.

As a little Tid-Bit, the widely known Chinese Lunar New Year is also celebrated by Vietnamese people too! Vietnamese people call it Tết and it's probably THE most important holiday in Vietnamese culture! They have their own special New Years steamed sticky rice cakes with beans and meat in them! During this day, parents and grandparents gives out lucky money in the form of fresh, crispy bills inside red envelopes! Doing this, it gives the recipients a lot of good luck for the rest of the year!

If you'd like to learn more, there are many free resources out there online that can give you a better explanation! So don't be afraid to check them out!


This is the first design we designed. We really wanted some fierce and lively so that's why we wanted some kind of charging pose. What if Bae-Bee and friends were on the back of the tiger and the tiger is charging at something? We really loved how the characters look on the back of the tiger especially Polulu just looking so FREE like a bird! LOOK AT THE SCARF FLY!

Originally we wanted to settle on this design but like with most great things, you have to workshop it and maybe expand into other ideas before settling on one. And that would explain the existence of the other designs.

For another idea, we wanted to maybe do the opposite and focus solely on having the cutest image so we made the tiger a little baby tiger. Still keeping Polulu's happy flying scarf, of course. We had Bae-Bee and friends all hug the tiger and looking at it now, we should've made the tiger have a happier face so that it looks like it feels the love that the three is giving it.

By the end of this quick idea, we still weren't sure if this is it still so here comes the THIRD design!

After doing this last design, we knew we had something great! It incorporates the fierceness and charging pose from the first design and the cuteness from our friends! We believe this is a very strong design because it has a really good composition. We have a little triangle thing going on just like design #2 as well!

We're glad that after doing the private poll, that many people thought this was the best design too!

It felt great to see what others thought of the designs in the private messages we got! Many of whom said that it was a very difficult choice! Which is AMAZING! That means we did our job at creating compelling designs!

Going off of our 2021 Ox shirt design, we had to bring back the traditional Vietnamese New Year flower, Hoa anh đào, which are yellow cherry blossoms! Guess this will be an annual tradition!

Thanks again to the few that have purchased this year's shirt! It always means a lot! As a small business we CAN NOT do it with out you! We promise to continue getting better at designing more cute things and to share them when they're ready! All your love on social medias really does fuel us! <3

You can purchase this year's New Year's Shirt in our shop!

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