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Spooky is HERE! Halloween 2019

Updated: Dec 14, 2019


We are SO happy to release our NEW collection of Bae-Bee and Bo-Bo stickers!

This collection features the Bo-Bo in Vampire, Halloween Pumpkin Prince, Witch, Franken costume and Bae-Bee in a Werewolf costume! We are greatly proud of them and worked hard on everything from choice in color, poses, design, etc and we hope that it shows.

It feels like it's been a while since we've released our character Bo-Bo but our brand only came out publicly in 2016 and Bo-Bo was only released earlier this year in 2019! It's insane how quickly time passes. Because Bo-Bo was released earlier this year and we didn't release that many stickers of him, we figured that creating a collection for Halloween would be the smartest decision! So it happened and the responses we got from our community were so good that we worked even harder to get it out as soon as possible. And here we all are!

Go and celebrate Halloween the RIGHT way with these today!

Thank you, everyone, as always, with the support, love, and excitement! We can't wait to release the next thing! We are only getting started! <3 Please feel free to share this post and our products so that others know about our brand too! <3

-Johnson Do (Creator of JDoArts & Bae-Bee)


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