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New Sticker Packaging

In an effort to branch out into the retail market, we have updated our packaging for our vinyl stickers and will continue the work on our other products in the future.

We believe that for our business to scale even more, we will have to start branching out into the retail market and the best and fastest way we can do it is by having packaging that we can show to local shop owners. Presentation is the key and for this, we have put in the effort to do so.

The design: We wanted the packaging to be minimalistic while having the whimsical feel of Bae-Bee and Bo-Bo. Going for the signature solid blue design, large bold text with no outlines, good placement of logo, in this case, Bae-Bee and some slight hints of pattern in the background. The pattern being something that you can easily miss from afar but is eye candy when held up close.

Challenge: The challenging part of packaging all of this is that it is time consuming but still very doable. The more we do it, we will definitely find much more efficient ways to package our products as well as find even more eco-friendly ways to do so.

We hope that everyone enjoys this packaging as much as we did designing, cutting, putting everything into sleeves and sealing. If anyone has any comments, we will gladly take them. This is our first time every doing this so of course we will have a lot of room for improvements.

Until next time! Feel free to check out our shop for all your kawaii Bae-Bee & Bo-Bo needs! : )

Johnson Do (Creator)



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