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Happy Father's Day! (A Letter)

A webcomic about mental health
A webcomic about mental health

Today is Father's Day 🥰

Ever since I was growing up, I never questioned why my parents divorced. It just went from celebrating birthday parties, eating donuts at 5 am as a kid cuz my dad worked at a donut shop then, #7 birthday cake being sent to me at school, being taken to and from school, happiness all around to not knowing why none of these things are happening anymore. I never questioned it until I was an adult because I had no time to even do that when my own mother was struggling on her own raising three children.

Skipping to 2019, at my little sister's wedding and he was there. He was no longer young, his face is wrinkly, his hair so white, and his height was shorter than before. After so long, from me being 7 then to me being 26 now, the first thing he did was pulled me to the side and asked me if I knew of any place that his 13-year-old daughter can get art lessons from because she loves to draw. It made me laugh because of how funny it is to have a step-sibling be interested in something I love as well. That was the last conversation we've had and then he left this earth in 2020.

I didn't think I'd get so emotional on any father's day, but here we are.

I hope to one day become a father to a tiny human so I can pass down all my wisdom on to and provide them the necessary nurture to become a great human. If none of that pans out, I'd be satisfied with just being the father to adorable creatures that always lift me and others up. Bae-Bee, Bo-Bo, and Polulu are my babies at the moment, and as silly as it is, I love them greatly and they will always have a place in my heart.

Today, I wish all the good fathers all around the world the best, and cheers to the ongoing and unconditional love!

- Johnson Do (creator of JDoarts & Illustrations)

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