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Amidst COVID-19.

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Amidst COVID-19
Amidst COVID-19

Amidst COVID-19, we want to update everyone on how we're doing and how COVID-19 is affecting us.

During this difficult time, we are limiting the amount of hand to packaging contact with all packages that leave our office and only working from home.

How this is affecting us is that we are seeing a slow down on purchases on our site and we strongly believe that it's because of the financial crisis that is happening that leads to uncertainties for many people. A few people we know have experienced jobless, forced to stay home and quarantine without pay, etc.

Financially it is hitting us because we are having fewer sales online and we can't make it out to events or conventions to sell our merch like we usually do so we are looking into other means that can help us sustain. We have ads on our site to help (when people click) and our Patreon that people can subscribe to monthly and get goodies back like exclusive "how we drew that" videos with commentary. Sharing our site and links of your favorite merch to friends will help us out a lot too! : )

Besides the not so good stuff, we are trying to help all our fans stay positive and relieve some anxiety with social media posts that educates people on what to do to prevent catching the virus and we've been updating our site with new Webcomic chapters to help people pass the time some more. We EVEN have a coloring sheet that everyone can download here too!

To wrap this up, we want to let everyone know that we will all survive this together and we'll all come back stronger than ever once everything gets back to normal. Please remain educating yourselves about COVID-19 and sanitize your hands when you make contact with anything in the outside world.

We'll see everyone on social media! <3 <3

- Johnson Do (Creator of JDoArts) Twitter



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